Facebook “Likes” Could Cost You a Job

(New York Times.com) – Jan. 23/15 posted this article:  Liking Nicki Minaj on Facebook may not seem like a momentous decision — but one day, it could help determine whether you get hired. A new study suggests that based on your Facebook likes, a computer model can predict your personality better than your friends — and in some ways, know more about your life than you do. This also means anyone who can see your Facebook profile could one day learn about your personality, and make determinations about your future job performance, your creditworthiness and more.

Some fear that personality research will open up yet another front in the continuing battle over data privacy online. But could it also help ordinary users win that battle — or at least understand what they’re up against?

For a paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Wu Youyou, Michal Kosinski and David Stillwell used a computer model to gauge subjects’ personalities based on Facebook Likes. To measure the model’s accuracy, the researchers compared its verdicts to subjects’ ratings of their own personalities. The result: Fed enough Likes, computers are quite good at judging human personality — better than the average friend or co-worker, and about as good as the average spouse. At least when it comes to a certain conception of personality (the researchers used the five-factor model, which looks at traits like extroversion and neuroticism), a computer program can know you as well as your husband or wife does.

More on this article @ op-talk.blogs NYtimes.com     by: Anna North

I’ve read and heard about this, and one example stated that a woman with exceptional qualifications actually lost her chance at a job because the recruitment department and manager found her Facebook pictures and postings not in very good taste.  We just don’t realize that this social media.


3 thoughts on “Facebook “Likes” Could Cost You a Job

  1. WildLandLover says:

    This is why I don’t think that potential or current employers should EVER have access to your private Facebook pages. It is none of their business what you do on your own time and what your like, dislike, post, etc. This is an invasion of privacy that goes beyond the pale and should not be allowed at all.


    • cherished79 says:

      So true, but your FB is there for everyone out there to view and unfortunately that’s the price you pay with social media. Once something is posted, you can’t retract it. You have to be ever so careful with this, some innocent words or picture them wham! all hell could break loose. Not fair, I don’t believe anyone thought that it would have this much power. Thanks for stopping to comment. 🙂


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