Doctor’s appointments, do you really ever get in @10:15?

I doubt it.  Success in seeing your doctor at the scheduled appointment time is like a crap shoot, and typically not my luck.  I’m forever on time, I don’t know why, she never is and I keep forgetting to bring my camping gear to set up for the day.

You recognize a dilemma when the receptionist slides the plexi-glass window and smiles, “Hi Deb, she’s a little backed up this morning, we’ll call you soon”. ‘Backed up a bit, call you soon?’ “Backed up” in my experience translates to at least a minimum of 1 hour or more.  I detest these ‘backed up’ doctors, people are trapped in the waiting room fearful to leave for even a snack or pee break in the event your name is called.  I think to myself, “Why did I take all morning off work, run like an idiot for the bus, not grab a coffee or something to read on the way, all so I wouldn’t be late for this appointment. Why do they book every 15 minutes, when they’re never on time?

After you have called everyone you can think of (most are at work or waiting at their doctor’s office), play scrabble or crossword on your phone or delete old contacts and your cell is frantic for a charge…your name is called.  Yippeee!  Now you are escorted into a smaller waiting room to wait and wait and wait some more!

~~~ Deb



2 thoughts on “Doctor’s appointments, do you really ever get in @10:15?

  1. stunnedandstunted says:

    You just know that the day you stop to get a coffee or something to read is the day that the doctor is actually running on time and you’re late! Also, I have never heard of a second waiting room. That would stress me out heaps!


    • cherished79 says:

      So true about the coffee or paper to read. My doc has an office with 3 other doctors, so when your name is called there are many rooms, so you are shown to a room, they say, “oh, she’ll be right with you”, which translates to what could be another 1/2 hour to 45 minutes, so you’re not out of the woods yet. If I hadn’t been a patient of hers for 26 years, I’d be changing doctors!


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