The Stigma of Postpartum Depression: Guest post by Dr. Elizabeth Hatchuel

end the stigma

Postpartum Depression. We’ve all heard about it. Most pregnant women have read about it. Many of us know people personally who have experienced it. As one of the most common complications of childbirth, nearly 1 in 7 women (about 500,000 per year) will experience Postpartum Depression (PPD). In spite of this high prevalence, there remains a stigma to the disorder that leaves many women undiagnosed and untreated during an extremely vulnerable time.

Having a baby and becoming a mother does not come without challenges. Even in the “best” circumstances, its really hard. How many times in your life will someone tell you to go through the rigors of labor and delivery, then proceed to stay up for hours on end, nursing, changing, burping, and generally attending to someone else’s needs without an end in sight? Any parents reading this can probably vividly remember what I am describing. I know I…

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