Something to think about…

So true!


10 thoughts on “Something to think about…

  1. We. See Hope says:

    Thanks for sharing this. A great quote and very true indeed. Such a great and lovely blog, full of inspiring, motivating and helpful/useful advice, information and resources with importance too. Really enjoyed going through your wonderful work so far listed on your blog, definitely I hope do keep up the good work. All The Best! Thanks & Take Care…


    • cherished79 says:

      Thank you for your kind words and compliment, it made my day. I see you write quotes, talented, one area I’m not so good in! Most of mine are found on, and if they make me tear-up or are dear to my heart, I will post them as it takes away from news stories/info.

      You have a beautiful blog in which I will be following for inspiration. Take care, Deb

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      • We. See Hope says:

        No worries at all, just felt the need for my honest opinion. I’m really glad and pleased to hear that, so that’s good. Well, to be honest I just write what come’s to my thought and put it down hoping it has some sort of meaning to it when read by other’s and no, I loved going through your blog and reading through your posts, very wonderful and I agree with you. Aww, thank you so much; you also have such a beautiful and wonderful blog in which I hope to visit soon again for more great content. All The Best! Thanks & Take Care…


        • cherished79 says:

          For my posts, I post what interests me when I go searching around the web for updated health news and articles on all mental health issues (lots of reading, love it!!). It keeps me informed, the reader informed and I build on that.

          Thanks for visiting, and I’d love to include a poem from your blog, if that’s ok. You could select which one, or if you’d prefer not too, that’s ok too. I love your writing and somewhat jealous that I’m not a poet also. *Hugs* Deb

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          • We. See Hope says:

            Hi, I know this is such a late response but here it is. Apologies for that, have been meaning to get back to you. Hope you are well?. Great to hear and I totally agree with you, I’m pleased you do so even if it is a lot to get through (The reading, but as you mentioned it’s okay). Thank you as well in return; I’ve personally enjoyed going through your blog, such great content and informative. And no problems at all; I don’t mind you including one of my poem’s on your blog. Please feel free to choose which ever one or more you admire. I’m really pleased you asked. Thank you again so much for your kind word’s, I also enjoy much of your writing; it’s a pleasure to read. No need to be jealous, I just write what comes to my mind but it’s nothing great; it’s something I enjoy doing in my spare time and to be honest I’m not sure if my poem’s make much sense to other’s when they read as of course everyone’s interpretation maybe different. Thanks yet again and take care. Best Wishes!


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