Just to let you know…..

As you may have noticed I’ve haven’t posted in awhile, well, I’ve been in the depths of major depression brought on mostly by recurring PTSD once again.  PTSD is unrelenting, and I ask, will the memories, or flashbacks ever disappear for good?  Every time I think I’ve pushed the past away and I’m back on my feet, here it comes again and the tears start flowing and I’m once again in a fragile state.  I’m back in therapy for this crap also.

I’m taking a break from this blog, however, have started a new blog called “Facing the Predator“, dedicated to PTSD. Writing will be cathartic for my articles on this disorder, and I don’t wish to duplicate posts for my new blog with this blog.  If you wish to take a peek, I would love it.

“Living In Stigma” will always be my main blog and I will keep it open, return soon, and maintain both.  Thanks for dropping in, and feel free to leave comments as I check-in daily.

link for blog:  http://facing729.wordpress.com



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