One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Deciding to leave the eating disorder programme was the correct decision, and at the time I felt optimistic, however things have gone a tad sour.  I haven’t been on my blog much, for this has been the reason.

Motivated at first, feeling strength that I had made some sort of dent in my recovery of disordered eating, yet it didn’t take long, a setback, the black clouds of depression recurring.  I’m delighted it’s close to summer and the outdoors, though most days I find myself watching from the inside.

I had a session with my therapist a few days ago; I hadn’t seen her since the beginning of the ED programme.  I appeared so positive in that session, perhaps too positive or phoney as I didn’t want to show the failure of the incompletion of the 12 weeks of treatment, and now gradually heading into another depression.

A few things I did take away from treatment were soothing measures for anxiety though, for which I will explain in an upcoming post.

~~ Deb

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