I gave it my all, however, I ‘threw in the towel’ so to speak at the 4th week point of the 12 week Day Eating Disorder Treatment Programme.  It was demanding and rough on this old gal, a true commitment and not for the weak.

The programme is extremely structured, and 100% meal completion is compulsory, no if’s, and’s or buts, and that was part of my struggle.  Also, guidelines/rules for inpatients were strict and it was so tough being away from my home, and a personal emergency arose, and well, it just wasn’t to be.

I wouldn’t say the programme was futile, I truly think the time wasn’t right or perhaps I wasn’t ready for the programme.  It entailed oodles of therapy, DBT, CBT, individual and nutrition groups etc.  And, all was not negative, I engaged in crafts, an interest I had tossed aside years ago that now has me engrossed again, and socializing instead of isolation; which is what people with eating disorders do best ~ isolate themselves.

For now, I’m returning to my passion….writing, and posting to my blog again.  I’m back.

~~~ Deb

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  1. ambivalencegirl says:

    Welcome back. 4 weeks is a long time! The day treatment program I was in was also 100% meal completion. I only lasted 1 week. Hope you are doing well and continue moving towards health (something I was told to do on Saturday so I thought I would pass it along).


    • cherished79 says:

      Thank so much for the welcome back, and yes I’m surprised I made it through to 4 weeks. I pushed myself, and knew in my mind that I’d never reach 12 weeks or be able to keep up with this way of living. I just took a peek at your blog, really well written BTW, and appears as if you and I share some of the same thoughts. This is a struggle. You were introduced to the ‘mindfulness’ too? I find it helps ~ the deep breathing helps. Keep safe.


      • ambivalencegirl says:

        Thanks, and yes the only provider besides my old primary care is a holistic psychiatrist. So far I really like her but I still can’t breathe lol. No weighing in, no talk about food or behaviors…everything is so different in a good way. Hope you are doing well 🙂


        • cherished79 says:

          One of the best things that got me through these weeks, as a distraction, was coloring Mandalas and I started an Art Journal. You don’t have to be an artist to do these ‘self-soothing’ responses to anxiety. If you want to know more about these distractions you can look them up on or I can explain them no problem. Actually, I will be posting an article shortly on the subject.


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