It’s normal to feel anxious or worried at times.  Everyone does.   In fact, a moderate amount of anxiety can be good. Anxiety helps you respond appropriately to real danger, and it can help motivate you to excel at work and at home.

But if you often feel very anxious without reason and your worries disrupt your daily life, you may have generalized anxiety disorder.  Generalized anxiety disorder causes excessive or unrealistic anxiety and worry — well beyond what’s appropriate for a situation.

Living with generalized anxiety disorder can be difficult, but treatment is available.  Medications and psychotherapy can help ease symptoms, and you can learn healthy coping skills to manage generalized anxiety disorder and take back your life.

Article Sections for Generalized Anxiety Disorder that include:

·         Symptoms

·         Causes

·         Risk Factors

·         When to seek medical advice

·         Tests and diagnosis

·         Complications

·         Treatments and drugs

·         Coping and support

Can be found at: is an excellent for medical information



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