Aaaaahhhh… Nothing like a Massage….


Just arrived home from my monthly massage.  I discovered this Registered Massage Therapy in the shopping plaza not far from home, and it has been a lucky find indeed; a place within walking distance and not have to take the bus.

Don’t know if anyone has ever had one – it feels immensely relaxing.

I would only consent to a female massage therapist, as I would not feel at ease or would allow a male therapist.  On one occurrence, I called this salon and the therapist’s name was ‘Robyn’, so I assumed a woman.  Upon arriving, a tall male came to greet me; I was shocked and disappointed and hastily said, “sorry” and left.

Hoisting myself onto the massage table was complex, and I first felt awkward and virtually comical attempting to lay face down thus grabbing the top sheet and light blanket to cover me.  Struggling with the sheet, I darn near tumbled off of the table.  I’m not graceful at the best of times, but then maybe others experience the exact problem.  Most uncomfortable is laying face down, initially trying to adjust the pillow under the boobs, ultimately ending up with them pancake flat.  The head is placed in a donut shaped metal piece which is covered with padding, and face poking through.  I find after time spent in the face down position for ½ the session, my sinuses will have drained.

Adapting to someone working on your naked body takes time, and for me, I prefer to leave my undies on.  It’s just a personal choice.

After all of these adjustments and positioning, it is time for the massage.  Since I work on my computer so much, I have found these massages are a huge benefit.  I am aware I do not sit correctly in my steno chair, and I have attempted to correct it, but habits always creep in and there I am slouching and leaning over my keyboard.  I prefer her to center mostly on my back, neck and shoulders.

For me, the only annoyance is the background music played during the session.  Birds chirping and flute music grate on my nerves.  Now that is just me, I’m sure other people feel relaxed by this.

An hour passes, the massage therapist is finished and I feel wonderful.  Nothing like having someone massage your neck and lower/upper back.  I really enjoy having my hands and arms massaged also.  I just can’t say enough of these “treatments”, but time has passed and time to recover, and usually by this point she almost has to wake me up. I am on the dopey side, half asleep, and now having problems propping myself up.  At least I have less trouble hopping off the table.  Time to dress, and get back into the real world.  Wow, can’t wait until my next appointment.

Written by:  Deb 


3 thoughts on “Aaaaahhhh… Nothing like a Massage….

  1. Jon Vagg says:

    Like you I spend a lot of my life sitting at a computer with habitual bad posture – and I’ve always found massage helps, though I don’t get it regularly. A while back I did an introductory shiatsu course which was both relaxing (I often fell asleep when being massaged) and instructive, including finding out about some yoga-type exercises I should really do more regularly because they’d help!

    Shiatsu, incidentally, is done fully clothed. In one of the first sessions someone lay on the floor and the instructor covered them with a blanket. We were then asked to comment on what we saw. Amazingly, covering the person in the blanket actually made a number of things more visible – a slight curvature in the spine, one calf more developed than the other – that you probably wouldn’t notice even if the person wasn’t wearing clothes.

    The birds and flutes would ultimately grate on me as well. I think a lot of places play that music because it’s a more or less iconic ‘you’re in an alternative therapy environment’ thing. Some therapists I know actually use the tracks as a timing device – when the CD has played though, your time’s up. But on the whole I think I’d rather have silence, or maybe some chillout stuff like Afro-Celt Sound System.


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