5 Common Holiday Tipping Myths

This is a little off topic for my blog, but I found this interesting as it suits the holiday season.

I found this article written by Renee Morad for NEW YORK (MainStreet)  – suggesting what to tip everyone during the holiday season, from your child’s school teacher to your hair stylist.  She stated that the rules are continually shifting and aren’t always clear cut.

As a result, holiday tipping misconceptions still linger and confuse the generous. Learn about some of these myths to avoid a social faux pas.

“The pressure is on when someone feels obligated to tip, when they have lost a job or don’t have the resources,” says etiquette expert Diane Gottsman, founder of The Protocol School of Texas in San Antonio.

Myth #1:  You Are Obligated to Tip

Myth #2:  A Teacher is the Only Person you should gift at your child’s school

Myth #3:  Don’t Tip the Mail Carrier

Myth #4:  Cash is Always better than Gifts

Myth #5:  Only Tip Professionals who help you out During the Holidays

For more details about these myths you may click onto Main Street’s article.

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